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Award Reputation

Why award reputation manually?

After having created a colony, nobody has reputation - not even the user who has created the colony. Some colonies use permissions to distribute reputation through payments. Another way to distribute reputation is the Award feature, described below. Making sure that reputation is distributed appropriately among a colony's users allows users to get the most out of the Colony experience, such as the Governance (Reputation Weighted) extension.

Awarding reputation

1. On the main page of your colony, navigate to New Action > Manage Reputation > Award Reputation.

2. Choose the recipient. This can be any member of the colony, including yourself.

3. Choose the team. You can award reputation at Root level, however it is typically appropriate to do so on a team level. See here for more information on teams.

4. Specify the amount of reputation points.


Be careful when manually awarding reputation. Improper use can break your colony.


To make sure that no single account can govern the colony, make sure that the number of reputation points awarded to a particular account is appropriate and reasonable compared to the number of reputation points that other accounts hold. A malicious actor could use this feature to attack your colony if they receive the required permission.

5. Optionally, add a comment or toggle the "Force" button if you wish to perform this action immediately without creating a Motion.

6. After clicking "Confirm" and confirm the two transactions in MetaMask, you should see a screen confirming that reputation was successfully awarded to the account you specified.

If an account was awarded too many reputation points, you can use the Smite feature to reduce them again.