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The Colony
Developer Docs

Just like the organizations that will run on Colony, each component in the colony stack is the product of collaboration and open engagement. Here, you'll find the up-to-date documentation for all of the Colony projects.

If you're a developer looking to contribute, you can find all of Colony's open-source repositories on GitHub.

The contracts that comprise the Colony Network provide a standard framework for the creation of decentralized organizations as described in the Colony Whitepaper.

The colonyJS library is a tool to help developers use Colony to power their projects. colonyJS provides a simple and predictable interface to interact with the Colony Network directly.

colonyStarter includes a variety of starter projects that demonstrate how to use and integrate different tools with Colony.

The purser library is a universal wallet tool for developers that simplifies interaction with Ethereum-based wallets.

Tailor is a library for interacting with Ethereum smart contracts. It acts as a powerful and easy-to-use layer between lower-level libraries and your dApp.