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Developer Knowledge Realm

New to Colony?

If you're brand new to Colony, head over to the Learning Realm to brush up on the basics!

In the DevRealm, we dive deeper into the features that make Colony the most powerful DAO framework to build on.

Our Developer Tools

Colony SDK

"Just add water MetaMask" toolbox for the most common Colony workflows. Start here if you're new 🚀

Colony Network

The Colony Smart Contracts in all their glory. Freshly tested. Upgradable. Ready for you!


Our reference client implementation, written in TypeScript. Battle-tested in our Dapp, it gives you all the features the Colony Network has to offer.

Developer Community

Join our Discord to hang out with other developers, collaborate on projects or ask questions.

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Want to talk to a human?

Send an email to or send a DM to @chmanie in our Discord community.

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