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Start Building


  • NodeJS v 16.15.0 is installed on your system (use nvm for changing NodeJS versions on the fly)
  • A JavaScript/TypeScript project with a package.json and the @colony/sdk and ethers packages installed.

To get started even faster, use our Colony Starter template. It's just a matter of cloning the repository and running npm start to get to the first working example. Follow the guide after the link for more information.


It's as easy as

npm install ethers@legacy-v5 @colony/sdk@next

You'll need ethers v5.x as a dependency in your project.

Connecting to Colony on Gnosis Chain


For browser based projects, consider using a build system like esbuild that can understand the import commands and will bundle all necessary libraries into one file. Again, feel free to just use the colonyStarter template which has this already set up for you.

import { providers } from 'ethers';
import { ColonyNetwork, toEth } from '@colony/sdk';

// If MetaMask is installed there will be an `ethereum` object on the `window`
// NOTE: Make sure MetaMask is connected to Gnosis chain (see
const provider = new providers.Web3Provider(window.ethereum);

// Get the Colony's XDAI funding in the ROOT pot (id 1)
const start = async () => {
// This will try to connect the page to MetaMask
await provider.send('eth_requestAccounts', []);
// Create a new connection to the Colony Network contracts using the MetaMask "wallet"
const colonyNetwork = new ColonyNetwork(provider.getSigner());
// Connect to the MetaColony (this could be replaced with your own colony using `colonyNetwork.getColony(COLONY_ADDRESS)`)
const metaColony = await colonyNetwork.getMetaColony();
// Get the CLNY funding for the MetaColony (CLNY is it's native token)
const funding = await metaColony.getBalance();
// The funding will be in wei (x * 10^18), so we format into a readable string using the `toEth` function
alert('MetaColony balance is ' + toEth(funding) + ' CLNY');


Include the resulting bundle in an HTML file and open it in you favorite browser. It should connect to MetaMask and alert you with the current MetaColony CLNY balance.