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Interface: ColonyMetaTransaction<C, E, R, MD>

A standard gasless MetaTransaction ("force" in dApp)

You can then send the transaction, wait for it to be mined or encode it. See also for more information


(async function() {
// Just send off the transaction and get back the tx object
// First tupel value is the ethers transaction, including the hash
// Second tupel value is a function that does the same as `.mined()` below
const [tx, mined] = await colony.claimFunds().metaTx().send();; // Transaction hash
const [eventData, receipt] = await mined();
// Wait for tx to be mined, get back the eventData, receipt
const [eventData, receipt] = await colony.claimFunds().metaTx().mined();

Type parameters

Cextends TransactionResponse
Eextends EventData | MotionCreatedEventObject
Rextends ParsedLogTransactionReceipt
MDextends MetadataType



mined(): Promise<[E, R] | [E, R, () => Promise<MetadataTypeMap[MD]>]>

Wait until the tx is mined, returning the event data and the receipt


Promise<[E, R] | [E, R, () => Promise<MetadataTypeMap[MD]>]>

A tupel of event data and contract receipt (and a function to retrieve metadata if applicable)


send(): Promise<[C, () => Promise<[E, R, () => Promise<MetadataTypeMap[MD]>] | [E, R]>]>

Send off the tx, returning the transaction including its hash, not waiting for it to be mined


Promise<[C, () => Promise<[E, R, () => Promise<MetadataTypeMap[MD]>] | [E, R]>]>

A tupel of a contract transaction and a function to wait for the mined event data as well as the receipt