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Reputation Oracle Setup

If you'd like to run the reputation oracle locally (for development purposes or to try some of the examples in ColonySDK), please follow this guide.

Deploy Colony locally

First we need to deploy the Colony Network contracts locally. Please follow this guide to the end to do that first.


After successful deployment, leave the Ganache development server running. The Reputation Oracle makes heavy use of it and the contracts that are deployed on our local chain!

Starting the Reputation Oracle

The Reputation Oracle sets up an HTTP API that provides information about reputation states in Colonies.


Make sure you're on a recent version of the colonyNetwork, git hash eac730e should work or, in the future the git tag glwss.

To start the oracle, go to the colonyNetwork directory and run this command:

npm run start:reputation:oracle

Wait for it to say

⭐️ Reputation oracle running on port 3000

then you're all set up and ready to interact with the Reputation Oracle.