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Smite Reputation

Why deduct reputation manually?

A fundamental principle of Colony's reputation system is reputation decay which ensures that recent contributions result in higher reputation than older contributions by constantly deducting reputation points from all accounts. However, there may be instances where a colony wishes to deduct reputation points manually, such as malicious behaviour. You can use the Smite feature to deduct any number of reputation points from any account.

Smiting reputation

1. On the main page of your colony, navigate to New Action > Manage Reputation > Smite Reputation.

2. Choose the recipient. This can be any member of the colony, including yourself.

3. Choose the team. You can smite reputation at Root level, however it is typically appropriate to do so on a team level.

4. Specify the amount of reputation points.

5. Optionally, add a comment or toggle the "Force" button if you wish to perform this action immediately without creating a Motion.

6. After clicking "Confirm" and confirm the transaction in MetaMask, you should see a screen confirming that reputation was successfully deducted from the account you specified.

If too many reputation points have been deducted from an account, you can use the Award feature to increase them again.