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Token Activation

When your account receives your colony's native tokens, they are Inactive by default. That means they are in your MetaMask wallet, but not yet usable within your colony.

In order to use them in your colony, such as for staking on Motions or to be eligible to receive Reward distributions (when that functionality goes live), they need to be Activated. Active tokens are tokens that have been deposited to a locking contract so that they can be locked in place any time you need to Stake. Active tokens will not be visible in your MetaMask wallet, but do not be alarmed, as long as they are not staked you can Deactivate your tokens and return them to your wallet at any time.

How to Activate Tokens

You may activate some or all of your tokens (we suggest to always ensure all of your tokens are activated).

  1. Click on your token balance in the top right-hand corner of your colony's main interface
  2. Click on "Activate", enter the desired amount, and click on "Confirm"
  3. Confirm both transactions in your wallet

If your tokens have been successfully activated, the indicator next to your token balance changes from red to green and you can see a balance in the "Active" section.

How to Deactivate Tokens

In order to return your tokens to your wallet simply deactivate them. You can deactivate tokens through the same process as described above, just toggle the switch to "Deactivate" before clicking "Confirm".


Note that only tokens that are neither staked nor locked in a Reward distribution can be deactivated.