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Sending and Claiming Funds

Sending Funds

To send funds to your colony, you need to send them to the colony's address you find in the top-left corner of your Dashboard.


Make sure to only send ERC20 tokens on xDai to your colony.


Do not send ETH or any ERC20 tokens from Ethereum directly to your colony. If your funds are currently on any other chain than xDai, such as Ethereum mainnet, you will first need to bridge them through OmniBridge before sending them to your colony. Otherwise your funds will be lost irreversibly. Before sending a significant amount of funds, it is advisable to send a small amount for testing purposes first. In case of doubt, please reach out on our Discord.

Sending 0.01 xDai to a colony using Metamask

Claiming Funds

Funds sent to a colony address will not appear in the colony's treasury until they are claimed by a member of the colony.

You can easily claim funds in a colony from the colony's dashboard. If funds are available to claim, you'll see an Incoming funds section in the upper right corner of the colony's dashboard. Click the Claim button to claim the specified funds.

You can see a more detailed view of a colony's claimable funds by navigating to its Funds page. This is found through the Available Funds link on the right side of the dashboard.