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🧩 Single Transaction Payments

To create an expenditure and send a payment in any ERC20 token to any address, simply navigate to New Action > Create Expenditure > Payment and input:

  1. From where you want to send the payment
  2. To which Ethereum address
  3. Which token and amount you wish to send

You can also input details of why you are making this payment (optional).


Sending a payment currently requires you to have Administration and Funding permissions in the domain from which you're creating the expenditure.


Only payments in the colony's native tokens confer reputation! Sending stablecoins does not. You can use stablecoin payments to adjust for cost-of-living requirements for contributors, or any other situation where making a payment without giving additional reputation is appropriate.

Communication between colony members is highly encouraged. You can leave a comment below every action, such as a payment, or the creation of a new team.