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Earning Reputation in a Colony

After you join a colony, you'll need to earn some reputation before you can participate in governance.

The most common way of earning reputation is by getting paid in the colony's native token.


Payments in stablecoins will not provide reputation. You can use stablecoin payments to adjust for cost-of-living requirements for contributors, or any other situation where making a payment without giving additional reputation is appropriate.

Reputation can also be manually awarded in special circumstances, such as when launching a new colony with an existing team.

Each colony will have its own rationale for paying contributors. Some colonies may pay contributors for approved content or codebase contributions, while other colonies may send you some native tokens just for asking nicely.

Earning Reputation in the Metacolony

Are you interested in helping build the Colony ecosystem? You can earn CLNY and reputation by contributing to the Metacolony. Drop a line in the Colony Discord to find out the latest ways you can contribute.