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Coin Machine is moving to a stand alone product and is therefore no longer being included in the Colony DApp. The documentation for Coin Machine will also be moved to it's own Gitbook as required.

Changing the parameters of the Coin Machine extension in your colony requires an uninstall and fresh install. Before uninstalling, this extension must first be deprecated. Doing so will end an ongoing token sale.

To remove the extension:

1. Select the installed "Coin Machine" extension on the Extensions page.

2. Click on "Deprecate", click "Confirm", and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

3. Click on "Uninstall", acknowledge the warning that any processes requiring Coin Machine will no longer work, click on "Confirm" and confirm the transaction in your wallet.


Upon uninstalling Coin Machine, any unsold tokens are returned to the colony and can be claimed in on the "Events" page.