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Coin Machine is moving to a stand alone product and is therefore no longer being included in the Colony DApp. The documentation for Coin Machine will also be moved to it's own Gitbook as required.

To see whether the Extension is already installed, navigate to "Extensions" on the left-hand side of your colony. If it is listed under "Installed Extensions" and enabled but not deprecated, you are good to go. Otherwise, follow the instructions below.

1. Make sure your account has Root permissions or speak to someone who holds your colony's Root permission.

2. Click on "Extensions", select "Coin Machine", click on "Install" and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

:::hint For a detailed description of these settings, default values and recommended values for testing purposes, see the next page Parameters. :::

4. Once all transactions are confirmed and the status changes from "Disabled" to "Enabled", the extension has been successfully installed. To continue with initiating a token sale, go to Selling Tokens.