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Learn to build with Colony! Get a head start on your next project! colonyStarter includes a variety of starter projects that demonstrate how to use and integrate different tools with Colony. You can start building with Colony by installing one of our starter projects with just a few simple commands!

Get Started


  • Yarn 1.12.3
  • Docker
  • Node 10.12.0

You may find it helpful to use Node Version Manager (nvm) to manage Node versions.

If you are using Linux, check out the Linux Setup page to ensure Yarn and Docker are set up accordingly.

Step 1

Globally install the colony-starter package:

yarn global add @colony/colony-starter

Step 2

Move to your working directory and unpack the colony-starter-basic package:

colony-starter colony-starter-basic

Alternatively, you can use npx and kickstart the colony-starter-basic package in one line without having to globally add the colony-starter package:

npx -p @colony/colony-starter colony-starter colony-starter-basic

Step 3

Move to your new project directory and checkout the colony-starter-basic instructions:

cd colony-starter-basic


colonyStarter is under active development and packages are constantly being added and updated. If you notice a discrepancy in the documentation on this site or a bug in the code, check out the following documents for more information: